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Nowgoal Livescore,results,prediction is a professional sport website, which is geared to the global web users , the sport information and data service as the core; form a complete set of interactive community and the network broadcast service. As a professional site, can meet each aspect of your need.

With a good sport industry background, NowGoal has an outstanding editorial team, a first-class sport information and data. It covers an all-round sport types such as football, basketball, tennis, American football etc. It supplies the fastest and the most accurate news, match report, battle formation, technical statistics, real-time scores, real-time odds comparison, historical data, forward analysis and other diversification services.

The goal of Nowgoal is to provide users with the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensive sports information service.

NowGoal Desktop website is ,

Nowgoal Mobile

Nowgoal Mobi version can offer you the fast soccer(football) and basketball livescores every time, every where. Nowgoal livescore system is supplying the real time scores for more than 1000 football + basketball competitions! Livescore, latest results, standings, fixtures, H2H stats and odds comparison. Nowgoal is a socially responsible sports informational website, we support responsible sports entertainment. You must be at least 18 years of age to use our info and must comply with laws and regulation in your own country. Nowgoal Mobile website is or

Nowgoal prediction

Nowgoal prediction invites many experts to provide analysis and recommendation of many football matches every day. It is not too high in winning rate. We can refer to it.

Nowgoal Football livescore

Different Icons and their Function Instructions

  • "Select Company" : select odds company
  • "Select Leagues" :select leagues
  • "Hidden 0 [Show All]":shows how many matches are hidden,all matches can be seen by clicking [Show All]
  • "Sound":means when odds change
  • "History": Odds history
  • "": a mark for "In-Play Odds" in this match
  • "(H)"=(Home)home team
  • "(N)"=(Neutrality)
  • "":Odds chart
  • "":1x2 Odds Comparison
  • "":Matches analysis
  • color of odds box: red means up;green means down
  • Mark for Handicap change: down, up
  • Odds mark a "close":Remind to pay attention for "update pause" or "abnormal situation".
  • Can check the charts by clicking related Handicap、Over/Under and standard Odds.
Nowgoal Pages Instruction

Pages of soccer index include: 1X2 Odds、Odds Comparison、Over/Under 、In-play Odds、6in1 Odds.
1、Odds Comparison,mainly includes:1x2、Handicap Odds.

  • It won't show any data of in-play game;
  • Shows a mixed comparison of Handicap and 1x2 Odds as default
  • Can check ten bookmakers' odds as most at the same time
  • "Company Select": can select one or both of 1x2 Odds and Handicap to compare
  • "Handicap Changes"、"1x2 Changes": Can check odds change in recent 10 minutes

2、Over/Under,includes Over/Under

  • Shows Over/Under data,including the data of un-play and in-play matches;
  • "Recent Changes" Can show odds changes in recent 10 minutes

3、In-play Odds,includes the data of live odds changes.

  • Shows odds' data of in-play game only
  • "Recent Changes" shows odds changes in recent 10 minutes

4、6in1 Odds,includes comprehensive odds comparison of Macauslot、 12bet、 Bet365、 Crown、 Yun263 、Ladbrokes 、Asiabet88
Show full-time Handicap, full-time Over/Under, half-time Handicap, half-time Over/Under, 1x2 Odds and scores.

Nowgoal 2in1 Odds live

  • Click "1X2 Odds" button on Nowgoal homepage
  • As default this page shows the average odds of current matches in "Today", including average odds of "first odds" and "live odds"(Average odds are calculated out on the base of the current recorded data from Europe bookmakers)
  • Click the company name on the left, to heck each index given from this company of all matches
  • "League Select": Choose the leagues from you selected by date.
  • On the upper page,you can check matches by selecting time or league as you want.
  • Click "View" on "Compare Option", to check all bookmakers' odds of this match in our record.
  • In the "View" page, Click the ending of each data's name, it will rank automatically; Click each data to check its changing; Click the bookmarker's company name to check all data of this company.
  • Click the team name to view its database.
  • If you want to get a convenient odds analysis comparison as you like, you can tick several bookmakers which you are concerned more, then click the button "show all companies".
  • If you want to get the win odds, draw odds, loss odds and each return rate easier, you can enter the range in the filter function on the bottom of the page.
  • Click Export to Excel, can export data to excel for analysis

Nowgoal Basketball Livescore

Different Icons and their Function Instructions

  • "[H]"=[Home] home team
  • "":link to Odds chart of this game
  • "":link to matches Analysis page.
  • color of odds box: red means up;green means down
  • Can check the charts by clicking related Handicap、Over/Under and 1x2 Odds.

Basketball Index mainly include "Odds" page.
1、 Odds: shows Handicap 、Over/Under 、1x2 Odds comparison

Nowgoal 3in1 odds pages instructions

  • Early odds: Odds updated before 12:00 P.M of match date (See below example instruction)
  • Live odds: Odds updated from 12:00 P.M of match day till the time of kickoff (See below example instruction)
  • Running Odds (live betting odds): Odds updated constantly on an event as it happens. Also known as In-running, live betting

As far as our website concerned, for instance:
English Premier League Match Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace starts in Jan-11 23:00 P.M

Odds updated before 12:00 P.M in 11 Jan is Early odds
Odds updated from 12:00 P.M till 23:00 P.M in 11 Jan is Live odds
Odds updated from 23:00 P.M till the end of the match is Running odds

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